Jones Bros has engaged in a corporate partnership with Community Engagement and Liaison Company Bee1 Community Interest Company. 


Bee1 applies both practical and educational methods to assist with increasing pollinators, in particular, honey bees.


The distance between environmental impact and mitigation activity means that the benefits of undertaking carbon offsetting are not always obvious. 

Seemingly harmless actions taken decades ago are today unpicking our society at the seams.



The Considerate
Constructors Scheme

All significant Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd projects that have a direct impact on communities are registered under the Considerate Constructor Scheme. 

This helps ensure that we monitor our performance on site against industry best practice and provides an external dimension as to how well projects are delivered and customer satisfaction.

We believe that the introduction of such metrics will help raise the focus of delivery expectations and encourage healthy competition between our site based teams to achieve higher overall scores.

Targeted Recruitment
and Training

Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd prides itself on its ability to recruit and develop its employees from those communities where our projects arise. This results in economic and company/staff benefits to those very communities’ employees reside in as well as reduced travelling costs to work, improved work/life balance and reduction in carbon footprint respectively.

Wherever possible, we will allocate employees to projects on a regional basis except in certain scenarios where there are special operational requirements. Where additional employees are required, we will always endeavour to work with local recruitment agencies to appoint new staff from the local area. 

Our workforce is regarded as our most valued resource and we ensure that all members of staff are managed within a cohesive family environment.