Whether our own developments or as construction delivery partner we work closely with the our appointed Ecologist, environmental stakeholders and specialists to enhance and protect biodiversity on our schemes.

Many of our sites include reptile and amphibian translocations, habitat creation for a range of species, sensitive landscape and lighting design .  We also look to support vulnerable species such as bats and bees, providing bat boxes / attics on our sites and working closely with our partner Bee1 on local bee education and enhancement projects.

We develop all our projects around the ‘wildlife calendar’ ensuring breeding and hibernating species are not disturbed at critical times.

Waste Management

Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd are committed to minimising wastage arising from all of our operations. Our Vision embraces the principles of the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) commitment of halving waste to landfill by 2020. We validate this sustainability strategy across our business by:

Embedding such sustainability targets within our environmental policy and our ISO14001 system; Formally agreeing targets for waste to landfill and assigning a team member with responsibility for delivery; Defining our requirements within procurement processes and engaging our supply chain to ensure compliance;
Measuring actual performance at a project level relative to a corporate baseline;

Reporting annually on overall business performance and seeking year on year improvements in order to attain our 2020 target.

Our waste management policy incorporates the WRAP objectives and our suppliers and subcontractor management processes have been developed to ensure that this requirement is reciprocated along our supply chain. This fully recognises the needs for all parties, including client, designer, contractor and the ensuing supply chain to be aligned to the waste to landfill objective. Our subcontractor prequalification process will seek assurances that they will follow our own sustainability targets and will measure their actual performance against the same.

At a project level, we will develop in conjunction with our supply chain a site waste management plan which will form a part of the environmental management plan. This will ensure that:

Waste generation is considered at each stage of the design and construction process; 
Waste minimisation options are assessed throughout the design, procurement and construction process and recorded within a waste minimisation matrix. 
Segregation of waste and maximisation of reuse opportunities prior to consideration of recycling.
Universal supply chain alignment.
Implementation of a zero defects approach on project delivery.

Low Carbon,

Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd has a track record of delivering projects that meet BREEAM Standards, and have always achieved the rating prescribed by their clients at the preconstruction stage. The recently completed Celtica Food Processing Plant is testimony to this having achieved BREEAM ‘Very Good’ rating and judged winner of the Carmarthenshire County Council Building Control ‘Large Commercial’ category Building Excellence Award.

Other building projects are currently underway to exacting BREEAM standards. We are also aiming to achieve CEEQUAL standards on certain civil engineering schemes over the next 12 months. Working alongside BREEAM and CEEQUAL assessors, our construction teams are involved on other construction contracts and aiming to provide environmental friendly construction solutions to our clients by maximising credits which can be achieved through our design and construction input.